Telflow Training Courses

Our training courses have been developed for designers, developers
and general users of Telflow. Our more advanced courses require
participants to sit exams, and offer Telflow certification if exams
are passed successfully.

Telflow training courses include:

• Introduction to Telflow (1 day)
• Telflow for Run Time Operations (2-3 days)
• Fundamentals of Telflow Design Time (1 day)
• Mastering Telflow Design Time (3 days)
• Fundamentals of Telflow Solution Development (4 days)
• Integrating Telflow (2 days)
• Mastering Telflow Solution Development (4 days)
• Mastering Telflow Process Design (2 days)
• Troubleshooting Telflow (3 days)


Inomial Training Courses

• Introduction to Inomial Billing (2 days)
Mastering Inomial Billing (3 days)
Integrating  Inomial Billing (2 days)


For more information about DGIT’s training courses, please reach
out to your DGIT representative or contact us using the form below.