Quotes transition to orders then decompose into product components for a seamless quote-to-activation experience.
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Take your products to market fast while reducing costs and increasing customer NPS with DGIT telflow’s unparalleled visibility over fulfilment.

Order orchestration

Automate fulfilment with reusable processes that provide real-time visibility over an order’s progress.


Manage SLAs and OLAs through jeopardy management and automated escalation processes.

Human tasks

Manage task allocation, data input, work lists and teams, all within your order workflows.

System tasks

Automate fulfilment tasks by giving them to a system to do. Integrate with DGIT telflow, DGIT inomial Billing, or external system components.


Pull meaningful reporting data from DGIT telflow’s structured information framework, which includes state lifecycles and order types.

Active inventory

Keep track of customers’ products, including their configurations, change histories and relationships, for real-time inventory management.


  • Cloud Ready
  • Catalog Driven
  • Pluggable


  • Transparency to see real order status
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers
    to get orders delivered
  • Notify customers of status change
  • Customer self-service empowers customers
    and increases NPS
  • Increase efficiency to reduce work effort
  • APIs use flow-through integrations
    to eliminate re-keying

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