Our industry is clamouring for ready to use solutions to key use cases.

To give you fast-to-market agility, the DGIT architecture enables new services to be created from reusable “building block” components.


Some of the items you can tailor
in a DGIT solution…

Pricing plan

Define rate codes, rate cards and live pricing rules.

Catalog setup

Build products and services, package them together in bundles, and instantly publish to customers.

Product design

Do you have thousands of products to cover all available options? Streamline your offerings to dozens by supporting options within each product.

Process automation

Make processes proactive with real-time notifications, providing automated updates so customers don't need to call.


Integrate with other systems or plug in with industry-standard APIs.


Customers can connect with DGIT solutions through any user interface by leveraging our industry-standard APIs.

DGIT microservices expose industry-standard APIs that can be used to drive any user interface. Use our intuitive out-of-the-box portal, or manage Quote-Order-Bill as an embedded experience within another application.

DGIT SDKs allow developers of other interfaces to call catalogs and render screens from metadata. This makes integration a breeze, enabling you to build quickly while maintaining an agile architecture.


Dynamic architecture is all about how fast we can change – and, in turn, outrun the competition.

Dr Lester Thomas

Chief Systems Architect,

Vodafone Group


With processes driven by a metadata catalog, we can create wonderfully reusable process building blocks that can be used to build products in DGIT’s visual modelling tool, Composer. The result: zero-code product creation.