Frank Wong talks with Annie Turner about the development, applicability and adoption of a critical API, the Entity Catalog API

Open APIs allow unparalleled speed and scale for standardised services, bringing all kinds of information, individuals, companies and other organisations together for purposes limited only by imagination. These interfaces enable the platform business model as well as other collaborative models.

TM Forum’s growing suite of Open APIs “provide an evolutionary path from the current telco operating model to the future network-as-a-service model…shining a bright light on this important path,” according to Dr. Lester Thomas, Chief IT Systems Architect, Vodafone Group.

Although each API can be used in isolation, their real power is in being used together. The suite is as relevant to business and operational managers, as to designers and developers.

The latest additions are TR229 ZOOM/NFV User Stories Suite*. ZOOM is TM Forum’s network functions virtualization (NFV) initiative and the new APIs address a key implementation problem for operators ­who need to manage the virtualized elements of their network in a hybrid (physical and virtualized) environment. The suite of APIs does this by enabling operators to integrate and interoperate all customers’ interactions with their existing OSS in that environment.

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