TM Forum Catalyst: DGIT Systems to provide cloud applications at speed through Dynamic Edge Project

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Time spent waiting is one of the main causes of loss in productivity and profit, and often leads to increased customer complaints and churn.

It is even more frustrating for end-users when technological solutions exist to reduce latency, yet centralized business approaches don’t make use of these capabilities. And targeting latency is not just a measure of convenience; it can be a goldmine for process improvement in telecommunications, manufacturing and gaming industries.

One key method to improve speed is through edge computing: performing analytics, management, or process functions at the ‘coalface’ to reduce the dependency on backhaul transmission systems.

Unfortunately, there are few mainstream solutions for dynamic edge enabled applications in the marketplace today. Understanding the significance of this, DGIT Systems has teamed up with Vodafone, Itential, and Cisco to demonstrate a Dynamic Edge solution through a TM Forum Catalyst project.

The current network environment

With the current drive towards cloud computing, organisations that rely upon advanced technology – and especially so for those using a mix of technology – find themselves stretched by the latency experienced with cloud based platforms and applications.

While localization of services can assist the response in business and consumer markets, this introduces a range of its own challenges.

The Dynamic Edge difference

The Dynamic Edge project takes a fundamentally different approach; orchestrating network elements, calculating resources, and publishing this in an application marketplace as a model for Carriage Service Providers (CSPs). This approach enables edge applications in a way which is both network agnostic and cloud agnostic.

While Edge applications are often considered only in the mobile (5G) domain, the Dynamic Edge approach uses SD-WAN technology for network connectivity and Kubernetes for management of cloud resources – across both IP and Mobile IP domains.

The benefits of this approach are immense, from increasing speed and reliability in both existing networks and new 5G networks:

  • Organisations, such as police forces, rely on AI video processing to analyse and identify crime in real time through CCTV footage. These critical services will be able to work faster and more efficiently, by analysing at the point of the incident;
  • Video game companies will be able to decrease lag by better utilizing device processing power, to ensure a smoother and quicker gaming experience;
  • Manufacturing organisations will be able to accelerate automation and independent decision making, to increase productivity on the shop floor and accuracy in their processes;
  • For telcos, edge computing becomes an overlay to add on top of current offerings to both improve functionality as well as reduce backhaul dependency. A smarter edge means an extension of life for the existing network infrastructure, increasing use with a defined customer without having to build capacity of an undefined local market segment, cutting the budget and resources typically needed to build new network infrastructure; and
  • Being both network and cloud agnostic will ensure that this solution will enable an extension of current network usability, rather than requiring a complete overlay.

The project team

DGIT Systems is pleased to be working with a number of prominent and innovative tech solution providers using ODA & TMF Open APIs throughout their systems:

Cisco is providing the SD-WAN technology, with options for SD-WAN endpoints hosted on the edge compute and SD-WAN equipment which can be deployed at the customer premises.

Itential is orchestrating the activation of the compute, connectivity, and application services to provide a real-time flow-through experience.

Vodafone is the project champion and has been providing guidance and operating network experience on the project.

DGIT Systems is managing the customer interface with DGIT Telflow Catalog to package services up into products and offers, combining edge compute & connectivity and enabling the application marketplace. DGIT Telflow provides the business- and customer-facing layer in this solution.

Stay up-to-date with the project

The Dynamic Edge project will be showcased at the Digital Transformation World Series 2021 from 22nd September to 14th October 2021. This will be a hybrid event, blending the global reach and engagement of online content with face-to-face interactions.

The DGIT Systems team is look forward to sharing more of this project in the future, and will be posting regularly to keep you up to date with the latest developments.

If you have any questions about the project, you can reach out to us any time.