Telflow partnered up with Peercore Nexgen

Melbourne- November 5th, 2015 DGIT is taking the Telflow partner program by storm in Asia, with our new partnership with Peercore Nexgen in Sri Lanka early September to go along side our connections in Malaysia.

Today DGIT “the home of Telflow” and Peercore Nexgen form a partnership to sell and support of Telflow into Sri Lanka. Our objective is foster a vibrant community of partners who represent us locally both in sales and implementation of Telflow.  The principle is that a community of mid-sized geographically focused partners will both value add and support each other.

Peercore Nexgen is an IT software provider established to deliver management solutions. With the independent management, sales and support team working in Sri Lanka, it gives an added advantage in understanding the local market and the needs and requirements. The collaboration between DGIT systems and Peercore Nexgen offers expertise and solutions to enhance business.

Telflow is the latest technology for Telecommunications Order Management.

A highly configurable platform to support agile digital services providers, Telflow is one of the few products to be TMForum certified and since Launch in 2014 has been successfully implemented by a number of tier carriers in the region.

There has been strong interest in Telflow in the Asian market and DGIT has been through a selection process to form this partnership, to provide accessibility and Support of the project implementation and integration of Telflow.


“ Peercore Nexgen is very excited about the opportunity of partnering with DGIT.

Telflow is an amazing product and we believe it has the ability to take over the telecommunications industry.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with DGIT”- Peercore Nexgen


About DGIT Systems

DGIT Systems is the home of Telflow. The Telflow product provides Order management and Partner Integration to Agile Digital Services Providers. DGIT Systems is operating in several countries in in the Asia Pacific region and supports a global market through partners.


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