FibreconX dark fibre network gets a boost from DGIT Systems

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DGIT Systems has played an important role in the development of the FibreconX first-of-its-kind dark fibre data centre network in Sydney.

The fibre-optic infrastructure provides high capacity, high performance dark fibre services to meet increasing growth and capacity demands.

FibreconX approached DGIT Systems to supply a complete quote-order-bill solution for improved system integration and fast-tracking time to market. The custom portal built on the DGIT telflow and DGIT inomial products, has allowed the network to launch sooner, and is helping FibreconX customers to simplify their dark fibre qualification, quoting, ordering and management experience.

Supplied by FibreconX, dark fibre services are provided to customers via live provisioning, which allows customers to confidently add their own network and product smarts to create solutions which meet their end-customers’ needs, instead of the traditional approach of accepting slim retail margins in reselling retail products offered by their wholesale carrier.

The DGIT Systems customised solution presents a simplified process to customers, providing visibility to FibreconX’s underlying network resources for qualification, pricing & provisioning in real-time – a process that was previously highly complex and often resulted in long delays, and services different from those quoted.

The solution presents customers with a simple self-service interface of sites, paths, pricing, and data centre demarcation details at the click of the button. It features:

  • Real-time Service Qualification (SQ) & Provisioning, with TM Forum Open API B2B Suite & Integrated Workflow – to allow FibreconX to integrate their inventory & GIS system into an and-to-end Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), fulfilment & assurance process.
  • Feasibility and fibre assignment through integration with inventory – ensuring network capacity and product availability are the cornerstones of delivering a wider range of solutions for improved customer service.
  • A complete dark fibre ordering and assurance portal – allowing FibreconX customers to have full visibility of the service from qualification through to order fulfilment, including fibre commissioning (OTDR) test results and data centre demarcation details handed over immediately on order submission, ensuring a timely, as-ordered & transparent service delivery to customers.
  • Billing – creating a complete customer solution from quote-to-cash, enabling a rapid return on investment for FibreconX and full-service visibility for customers.

An interactive map shows fibre paths and allows customers to see diverse path options, with the option of custom paths, by choosing a start and end data centre on a map. This simple self-service tool along with dynamic pricing capabilities make it easy for FibreconX to get new products to market, fast.

Discover how DGIT Systems can assist you with getting your product to market fast, and improve the experience of your customers. Contact us today.

Greg Tilton, CEO of DGIT Systems will present with Michael Edwards, Director of Product & Customer Experience at FibreconX next Tuesday 4 May at the 2021 CommsDay Summit.