DGIT Systems expands its strategic partnership with Vocus

DGIT Systems has expanded its strategic partnership with Vocus Group Limited, a leading fibre and network solutions provider in Australia.

Signed in October 2020, the extension will deliver a suite of new features that empower Vocus service agents with faster access to key functions and more efficient workflows.

About the DGIT Systems x Vocus partnership

In late 2019, Vocus selected DGIT Systems to supply its quote-order-bill system to its enterprise and wholesale customers. Kevin Russell, CEO of Vocus, noted the DGIT Systems uniquely flexible end-to-end product suite as a deciding factor.

“We selected DGIT Systems because they are different, giving us the agility we need and the support of global MEF and TM Forum standards, which play an important role in our architecture,” he said.

DGIT Systems demonstrated how model-driven and virtualised networks could power personalised customer experiences within catalogue-driven business systems. The Melbourne-based company presented proof-of-concept projects across the United States and Europe at the MEF and TM Forum, taking home several regarded industry awards. In 2020, DGIT Systems won the TM Forum Catalyst Award for Outstanding Use of TM Forum Assets.

DGIT Systems telflow & DGIT Systems inomial were paired with the Vocus programable network from Arista and Ciena Blue Planet to facilitate superior customer self-service, deliver real-time network control, and ultimately enhance business agility.

The partnership has also allowed Vocus to integrate with partners on an operations level using industry-standard APIs.

The Vocus goal was to build an intelligent digital network that empowered customers with complete control of their tools and capabilities. DGIT Systems– which provides Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecommunications companies worldwide with cloud-ready software to enable faster time to market – helped Vocus achieve its objective.

Now, the partnership has been refreshed with new outcomes on the horizon.

New features

The extended partnership comes with a host of new features and capabilities designed to improve the end user’s experience.

Crucially, DGIT Systems has integrated Salesforce into its Telflow solution, giving service agents quick and direct access to the functions they need, including Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Order Management, and Billing.

The continuing partnership between DGIT Systems and Vocus represents a significant opportunity for both companies.

The DGIT Systems industry-leading solution has helped Vocus, among other organisations, launch products that traditionally take weeks to develop and deploy in a matter of hours. DGIT Systems has equipped its partner with the agile launch-pad needed to manage the quote approval and billing processes, and the Vocus extensive network is better for it.

About Vocus Group Limited

Vocus Group Limited (ASX: VOC) connects Australian mainland capitals with Asia via a specialist network solution. Nationally, Vocus also links many regional centres, and in New Zealand, it connects capital cities and other less-populated destinations.

Overall, the Vocus terrestrial network of high-performance fibre-optic cable stretches c.30,000 route-km. Additionally, 4,600 km of submarine cable connects Australia with southeast Asia, and 2,100 km connects Port Hedland and Darwin with offshore oil and gas facilities.

After rejecting offers to purchase in 2017 and 2019, Vocus accepted a buyer in early 2021. Macquarie Infrastructure and Assets Holdings (MIRA) is now in the process of purchasing the company.

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