DGIT Systems and FTTH Council Asia Pacific Bring Fibre as a Service to Life!

Bangkok, Thailand – 18.05.2016 Today, at its Annual Conference, the FTTH Council Asia Pacific outlined best practices for fibre network operators in particular their new Fibre as a Service initiative.

“Fibre as a Service application programmatic interfaces (APIs) are exposed to software developers so they can control the end-to-end delivery and on-going management of fibre services”. - Peter Macaulay, President FTTH Council Asia Pacific.

The FTTH has collaborated with the TM Forum and adopted the TM Forum REST APIs as best practice for Fibre as a Service (FaaS). The TM Forum Catalyst program pulled together Champions like Ultrafast Fibre (New Zealand) and AT&T along with DGIT Systems to create a sandpit environment for FaaS, which is available to FTTH Asia Pacific members. In the sandpit, developers can order, browse and change FaaS services through these standards based APIs. The API Sandpit and Simulator utilises the TM Forum Open digital REST APIs.

 “FaaS uses dynamic TMForum APIs, allowing services to be managed through a catalog and to be used to combine FaaS, IaaS and SaaS services.” Said Greg Tilton, CTO of DGIT Systems and Chair of the FTTH FaaS Committee.