Australian Technology Innovator DGIT Systems Shows Leadership as TMForum APIs Become Mainstream

Telflow, the service delivery platform (SDP) by DGIT Systems has quietly been built over the last 4 years to utilise TM Forum based REST APIs in a dynamic and completely catalog driven way. This innovation is set to pay big dividends as the industry now swings to the dynamic API driven approach that the TM Forum has been working on.

Yesterday the world learnt that DGIT, amongst a field of major vendors has made the undertaking and signed the TMForum’s API adoption manifesto. The differentiator for DGIT is that their product Telflow is built on TM Forum APIs, so signing the manifesto is not so much an undertaking but a logical step. With the APIs an integral part of the architecture, Telflow can fully exploit the dynamic capabilities of the APIs.

In Telflow, the APIs can be used to directly access all the Telflow functionalitIES, in fact most of the Telflow Web user interface uses the APIs and much of the integration with Telflow in the field is done with these APIs. DGIT Systems has a number of tier one telecommunications carriers already using these APIs at industrial scale.

Yesterday’s announcement follows the adoption of the TM Forum’s suite of Open APIs for digital service management by nine of the world’s largest communications service providers (Axiata, Bharti Airtel, BT, China Mobile, China Unicom, NTT-Group, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone),  TM Forum, the global industry association for digital business, announced that eight leading technology ecosystem participants including DGIT Systems, (and EnterpriseWeb, Ericsson, Huawei, IBM, BearingPoint / Infonova, Oracle, and UXP Systems) have officially endorsed TM Forum’s suite of Open APIs for digital service management.

DGIT Systems is constantly committed to innovate and foster interoperability capabilities, thus facilitating partnering and offering innovative new digital services to market more rapidly.

“At DGIT, we are delighted to endorse TM Forum’s Open APIs. We have prioritized the Forum’s standards from the early days of our product development and they have underpinned our integration strategy in the industry,” said Greg Tilton, chairman & CTO, DGIT. “As an Industry we waste a significant amount of money and time building bespoke interfaces when integration can be done using a common set of standard APIs, and we commend TM Forum for taking the initiative on this important program.”

Telflow, the award winning Service Delivery Platform, is entirely built on TM Forum Open APIs. To achieve this feat, DGIT Systems has extended TM Forum based APIs to meet many requirements in advance of the TM Forum and contributed extensions back into the forum. As a recognition of these outstanding contributions, Greg Tilton won a contributor of the year award in 2015 and the innovative API based architecture of Telflow platform won a TM Forum Excellence Award in 2015 .

Through a Catalyst project unveiled during TM Forum Live! in France, DGIT System’ s approach towards APIs is going further by offering the access to the API Sandpit Simulator, a fulfilment simulation platform, to all TM Forum members in order to stimulate TM Forum API’s adoption.