A Completely Catalog Driven Solution to Stimulate APIs Adoption and to Facilitate on Boarding Partners

The API Sandpit, a completely catalog driven solution to stimulate APIs adoption and to facilitate on boarding partners! DGIT Systems designed the API Sandpit for every Digital Service Provider who aims to attract more partners and customers to succeed in our digital era.

They need a system that can easily integrate their products and services. Open ecosystem where players can easily plug into is the key. New digital service providers require an environment that allows them to accelerate their APIs strategies, whilst maintaining alignment to TM Forum Standards. Our API Sandpit has been designed with these expectations in mind.

This API Simulator is a unique platform and has been created for 3 key reasons:
– to deal with the interoperability challenge.
– to help accelerate development through providing a reference implementation to follow.
– to show the APIs to be suitable for new types of services and to support the latest thinking in delivery of fibre and MEF services.

The API Simulator has been showcased as a Catalyst project at the annual TM Forum Live! conference (Nice, France on May 10, 2016) and at the FTTH APAC Annual Conference (Bangkok, Thailand on May 17th, 2016), providing a sandpit environment, and was demonstrated to several potential vendors and service providers alike.

The API Sandpit, powered by our award-winning order manager Telflow, utilizes TMForum REST APIs, and our API explorer acts as the simulator.

It provides ordering and inventory APIs for all products and services in the catalog of the simulator. It provides a common development, test, simulation and even on-boarding platform to every user. The key principle of the API Simulator is to be completely catalog driven, so that hundreds or even thousands of different products and services may be supported through one platform!

Come on board and use the API Sandpit powered by our award-winning service delivery platform, Telflow!
Simply send an e-mail at info@telflow.com and we’ll set up a specific access for your company.

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