TM Forum is the global organisation for service provider IT. Almost 90% of telecommunication companies are TM Forum members. TM Forum is a forum for collaboration and standardisation for telecommunications service providers and digital service providers. DGIT is an active contributor to these collaborative discussions and TM Forum standards, in particular the API standards.

DGIT software is TM Forum Conformance Certified and DGIT has won 9 significant awards for innovation and contribution.

MEF is best known as the standards organisation behind Carrier Ethernet. MEF has also recently introduced new service specifications beyond Ethernet, including SD WAN. MEF Forum collaborates with the TM Forum and others on its API standards.

In 2017, DGIT contributed the LSO Sonata API to MEF for managing Business to Business (B2B) intercarrier integration. This was the output of a joint PoC project involving DGIT, TM Forum, MEF, Vodafone, and Orange.

The Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) is a non-profit industry organisation formed to promote and encourage collaboration between telecommunications companies in the Pacific Islands region.

DGIT has been a long-standing member and supporter of PITA, regularly speaking at their events. DGIT also services many customers who are PITA members.

Communications Alliance is a forum for collaboration in Australian  telecommunications, setting local standards and aggregating the requirements of the industry in Australia.

DGIT chaired Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) operational working group and is a significant contributor to the NBN B2B requirements specification that defines interactions between Access Seekers and the NBN.

Fiber to the Home Council Asia Pacific (FTTH Council APAC) is an organisation built to represent all areas of broadband industry in the Asia-Pacific region, with the goal to accelerate the adoption of optical fibre access.

DGIT CEO Greg Tilton co-authored the FTTH white paper “Fibre as a Service”, and has been a speaker at FTTH conferences, as well as chair of the Fibre as a Service working group.

TCF, also known as the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum, is an association built for collaboration between New Zealand service providers. The TCF sets a range of industry codes and standards, and it defined the B2B requirements and operating model for UFB* providers in New Zealand in its Business Interaction Framework (BIF). DGIT contributed to the BIF as part of a collaborative working group.

*Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) is a New Zealand government initiative to deliver fibre broadband to more than 85% of New Zealand premises.