DGIT Heads to Dubai for TM Forum Middle East Transformation

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DGIT will be heading to Dubai next week to participate and exhibit their TM Forum Catalysts with partners Ciena, Sigma Systems, Unico and Oracle.

Phase III of the Zero Touch Partnering Catalyst was recently demonstrated in the Digital Transformation Asia event, November 2019 in Malaysia. In the latest phase of the ZTP Catalyst, a carrier does not need to do any integration to onboard a new partner IoT service.

Watch the video of how the project came to be here Zero Touch Partnering – Phase III.

Zero-touch partnering could make platform ‘utopia’ real for telcos.” INFORM source by TM Forum

The Network as a Service Catalyst is discovering network service specifications from a model driven network (Ciena Blueplanet) then packaging into a product offer in product catalog followed by a run time experience with TM Forum Open APIs.

Read more about this Catalyst on the TM Forum Directory of Catalysts.

Come and take a look at how we plug in networks, plug in partners and configure any type of new service to take to market at our booth or reach out to us for a tailored meeting!

To watch videos about how this project came to be head to our Automating Network as a Service blog post.