Visual control over your products that translates immediately into orders.

Combine components into offers, then publish to customers – with simple control over who and when.


Control pricing, bundling, business interactions and service qualification through offerings.


Build products visually from reusable components, including service and resource layers. Define attributes and rules, then launch.


Visually assign rate codes to product features, then instantly apply customer-specific rate cards and pricing policies at run time.


Catalog rules control product options presented to customers. Visual rules make it simple and avoid code.

Business interactions

Define the actions you can perform for a product or service – including change or terminate orders, upgrades, contract changes and helpdesk tickets.


Define order states and sub-states to drive system behaviour and keep customers informed every step of the way.


Design fulfilment processes visually using BPMN, and view real-time process updates as orders flow through the system.


Build products from service and resource components, then decompose orders into their P/S/R layers to drive seamless fulfilment.


Visually define services and then use them as components to build products and offers.


  • Catalog powers design and run time
  • Implements TM Forum SID data model
  • Standards-based metadata with adapters
  • Connect to model-driven networks
  • Connect to catalog-driven partners
  • Master, slave or federated in multi-catalog environments