Vocus Group

Vocus Group (listed on the Australian Stock Exchange as VOC) is Australia’s 4th largest telecommunications provider, with a national and international fibre network. Vocus is primarily a wholesale supplier, as well as a supplier to government and large enterprise.

Vodafone NZ

Through their Wholesale business unit, Vodafone NZ services local and domestic wholesale customers, ranging from small local service providers to the biggest international brands. DGIT's Telflow product is used for Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and order management.

Ultrafast Fibre NZ

Ultrafast Fibre is one of an initial four network operators for New Zealand’s Ultrafast Broadband (UFB) initiative. The UFB is a government program to make fibre broadband available to 85% of New Zealand premises, and to create an open-access wholesale fibre network, enabling fibre to be an asset that is effectively shared between retail service providers (RSPs).