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Telflow and CompuDyne Now Partners

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Telflow and CompuDyne now partners to take the innovative Telflow to Malaysia and Brunei

Kuala Lumpur- May 26, 2015

Today DGIT “the home of Telflow” and CompuDyne form a partnership to sell and support of Telflow into the Malaysia, and Brunei.

There has been strong interest in Telflow in the Malaysian market and DGIT has been through a selection process to form this partnership, to provide accessibility and Support of the project implementation and integration of Telflow.

CompuDyne supports business, with IT resources that drive their success. CompuDyne has grown from a local computer reseller offering break/fix services to a regional systems integrator providing a full complement of repair, maintenance, support and network management services.

Telflow is the latest technology for  Telecommunications Order Management. A highly configurable platform to support agile digital services providers. Telflow is one of the few products to be TMForum certified and since Launch on 2014has been successfully implemented by a number of tier carriers in the region. The Telflow product is owner

Over the coming month Telflow is on display at booths at the FTTH Conference in Jakarta on May 20 and 21, at Communicasia in Singapore on June 2-4 and TMForum Live in Nice France on June 1 -3.

 “Since receiving expressions of interest in the Telflow product from several Malaysian Telecommunications Companies, we have sought out the best local partner for us to work with. CompuDyne have proven to be an honourable organisation with both the technical skills and the deep understanding of the telecommunications industry required to make them a successful partner.” says Doug Nixon, DGIT CEO

“We are excited to add Telflow to our portfolio of products our investigations showed the Telflow product to be the newest and the best order management solution available for this sector” says Dato’ Hanafi, CEO CompuDyne

About DGIT Systems

DGIT Systems is the home of Telflow. The Telflow product provides Order management and Partner Integration to Agile Digital Services Providers. DGIT Systems is operating in several countries in in the Asia Pacific region and supports a global market through partners.

DGIT Press Inquires

Charlotte Dean-Graham
Communications officer 

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