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Whether you’ve got your feet in the cable trench or your head in the NFV Cloud, we’re the crew for the job.

Captains of industry

We’ve been providing top notch services to the Asia Pacific Telco industry for the last 10 years. Comms, Cloud or Applications – we’re the guys the top tier companies call when time and money are on the line.

A lot of our stellar services revolve around a little thing called Telflow. Telflow is a revolutionary service delivery platform, an agile and efficient software solution designed for new generation communications and cloud service providers. Isn’t it time you two met?

The A-Team

We run the whole kit and caboodle. Project managers, business analysts, systems architecture, software development and testing. Our staff are full time, expertly trained and fully supported. We’re like the A-Team, but better at IT.

Bendy where it counts

Flexibility is everything. Need consultancy? Got a big system project in mind? We can provide professional and expert staff on a fixed price or time and materials basis. You pick the method, it’s our job to deliver.

Setting the standard

What sets us apart (beside the dashing good looks) is our award-winning focus on industry frameworks. We train all our staff in best practices and standards, so you get less duplication and faster results. Win/win.

Super supportive

Our team are our biggest asset. And we invest in our assets. Each of our staff receives ongoing training, mentoring and support in each of the major IT disciplines. We attract the best and the brightest, so you can rest easy.

More You Time

We have helped our clients crack some pretty big Telco nuts.
Let’s begin with the basics: what is it you’re after?

Capability assessments

If you’ve never actually mapped out your business capabilities, that’s okay. We specialise in effort analysis, process mapping, fully fledged business plans. It’s time to stop treading water.

Strategic consultancy

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. Our consultants can give you a competitive edge by analysing IT gaps between you and the rest of the pack. Innovate, change, grow. It’s that easy.

Systems transformation

Your systems are your heart and soul, but every heart can use a pacemaker eventually. Our dev team can work closely with you to integrate new operating models and software with your existing systems.

New product development

Whatever you’re building:  developing FTTx, wireless, open access wholesale, VPN, storage, new apps,  these are the kind of projects  that get us excited (it’s weird, we know).

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