DGIT Demonstrates B2B2X at TMForum Management World Nice

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DGIT Demonstrates B2B2X at TMForum Management World Nice

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Nice, France, 20 May 2013

DGIT (http://www.dgit.biz), an Australian specialist telecommunications software and services company, has built a demonstration of TMForum’s Best Practice B2B, showing how the technology can be applied to broad range of use cases.

Utilising the DGIT Telflow B2B and some additional software components, DGIT showed the TMForum’s Wholesale B2B best practice being used to support a range of Telecommunications use cases from field services through to service provider wholesale trading partner integration.

A number of Telecommunications carriers supported the project, including NTT, KPN and NBNCo.

Demonstration 2 has been captured as a video.


About DGIT (www.dgit.net.au)

Formed in 2005, DGIT provides software to facilitate integration between buyers and suppliers in the telco marketplace and professional services to complete integration into networks and operations. DGIT’s flagship development, DGIT Telflow, is a suite of telecommunications provisioning software solutions that implement a common framework and service oriented architecture based on TMForum standards to allow rapid integration between components and existing applications.

About TM Forum (www.tmforum.org)

Formed in 1988 the TM Forum is a non-profit industry association focused on enabling service provider agility and innovation. The TM Forum is a global trade association trusted by the world’s largest enterprises, service providers and suppliers to help them continuously transform to succeed in the digital economy.

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