New Zealand Ultra-Fast Broadband provider adopts Australia’s world recognised Telflow Portal and B2B Gateway

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New Zealand Ultra-Fast Broadband provider adopts Australia’s world recognised Telflow Portal and B2B Gateway

DGIT’s Telflow B2B Gateway, will allow New Zealand UFB Retail Service Provider’s (RSP’s) to deeply integrate their systems with Ultrafast Fibre

Melbourne, Australia, 30 January 2013

Ultrafast Fibre Ltd (UFF) (, one of the four New Zealand Government partners responsible for delivering ultra-fast fibre broadband (UFB) to homes and businesses, today launched its new industry interface. Covering New Zealand’s central North Island area, the interface technology being used by UFF has been supplied by DGIT (, an Australian specialist telecommunications software and services provider delivering advanced operational solutions to national and international carriers.

The agreement sees DGIT supply UFF with its Telflow portal, B2B Gateway and ESB (enterprise service bus) integration, which has been designed and built in accordance with TM Forum ( standards and industry best practice.

DGIT’s Telflow portal provides UFF’s Access Seekers with the capabilities to search for and qualify addresses for services, place orders, view order status, raise trouble tickets and book appointments. The Telflow B2B Gateway, the first product of its type to receive NBN Co certification in Australia, will allow New Zealand fast fibre Access Seekers to deeply integrate their systems with UFF.

Ultrafast Fibre’s Chief Executive, Maxine Elliott, said, “Ultrafast Fibre is proud to incorporate DGIT’s Telflow systems which will allow rapid integration between components and existing applications. The software is perfect for us as we continue to grow our fibre network across the central North Island. Residents in our region are amongst the first in New Zealand to access the high speed fibre to the premise service.”

Chairman and CTO of DGIT, Greg Tilton said, “Introducing our Telflow software into the New Zealand market is a milestone. With our Telflow B2B Gateway technology being used for NBN Co Certification in Australia, and our software having been designed in accordance to TM Forum frameworx and best practice, it provides equivalence for NBN integration in both New Zealand and Australia as well as the growing international markets that are adopting this standards based approach. This is good news for NBN Access Seekers globally.”

DGIT has pioneered Access Seeker to NBN Integration in Australia and been an active contributor back into the International Standards and Wholesale B2B best practice initiatives. The agreement sees DGIT break in to New Zealand for the first time as the organisation begins to bring its innovative technologies onto the international stage and become an exporter of technology developed in support of the Australian NBN.


About DGIT (
Formed in 2005, DGIT provides Software to facilitate Integration between Buyers and Suppliers in the Telco Marketplace and Professional Services to complete Integration into networks and operations. DGIT’s flagship development, DGIT Telflow, is a suite of telecommunications provisioning software solutions that implement a common framework and service oriented architecture based on TMForum standards to allow rapid integration between components and existing applications.

About Ultrafast Fibre (
Ultrafast Fibre is responsible for building a 3,000km fibre network, passing around 163,000 addresses in the urban areas of Hamilton, Tauranga, Wanganui, New Plymouth, Tokoroa, Hawera, Cambridge and Te Awamutu. This represents 13% of the New Zealand ultra-fast broadband build. Ultrafast Fibre is carrying out one of the fastest builds in New Zealand, which means homes and businesses in its areas will be amongst the first to be able to connect to broadband at speeds that rival the best in the world.

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