The word ‘methodology’ tends to make people’s eyes glaze over, however, it is a fact that without one, project failure typically follows.

The secret

While other IT companies begin with first principles and build slowly from there, we take a different tack. Using proven industry standards and frameworks our approach saves time, money and (most importantly) headaches. Why reinvent the wheel when there’s a perfectly good car right there?

Standards, associations and other fancy credentials

Telco industry standards

TM Forum is a global Telco association on the cutting edge of operative frameworks and data models. In English? They’re the guys making the industry work smarter. DGIT is a proud TM Forum member, and we use its SID and eTOM models to align your company with the best practices going around.

Practice standards

Each member of our team is trained in specific industry practice standards. Our business analysts sleep with a copy of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge under their pillow. Our testers know the International Software Testing Qualifications Board guidelines off by heart. When we come on board, we bring the industry’s best thinking with us.

Communications Alliance

We’re a proud member of the Communications Alliance, the peak Telco industry body in Australia. We take part in a number of initiatives designed to refine and develop industry best practise, which basically means we’re on the inside of the body shaping the future of the Telco landscape. There’s no-one who knows it better.

Industry engagement

Each year we either host or participate in a bunch of industry events where the best and brightest experts in the Telco world gather. Expect to find technical thought leaders from the global marketplace, bigwigs from Telco standards organisations and senior execs from Tier 1 Telco firms. If you’d like an invite, do drop us a line.

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