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DGIT Participates in TMForum Catalyst

Nice, France May 27th, 2014


The DGIT team are off to Nice this week to showcase the TMForum B2B2X Catalyst Project.

This project shows how a Service  Provider can bundle a mixture of NFV, Cloud and Fibre Access resources. Where the resources are sourced from suppliers via dynamic API’s and B2B interfaces and the product bundles are built at runtime.

Liberated Cloud, NBNCo and Cisco are participants in the project. Champions for the project  include AT&T, BT, Vodafone & Optus

DGIT’s new Telflow 3 product to be used to perform the partner integration and dynamic bundling.

Project Paper below …



About Telflow (www.telflow.com)

Telflow 3 is a new Service Delivery Platform, which enables Telecommunications and Cloud providers to rapidly manage operational growth, change and complexity. As a part of this process DGIT have made significant contributions to TMForum Standards and Best Practices.

About DGIT (www.dgit.net.au)

Formed in Australia in 2005, DGIT provides the Telflow Service Delivery Platform software as well as IT Professional Services to Telco and Cloud Companies. DGIT is an internationally established innovator in the Telecommunications market.

About TM Forum (www.tmforum.org)

TM Forum is a global industry association, which helps its members transform and succeed in the digital economy. The collective experience and interests of our member community comprised of more than 85,000 experts from 900+ global enterprises, service providers and technology suppliers drives everything we do, from thought-provoking research and publications, to practical guidance, tools and best practices, hands-on events and training for business and IT leaders. 

DGIT Media Contact

Charlotte Dean-Graham, Communications Officer, DGIT
+613 9910 4900
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