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DGIT makes a Noble decision

Melbourne, 17 March, 2015

Today DGIT announces the appointment of Ian Noble, the former CEO of a prominent Australian fibre network operation, UeComm to the board. Ian has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years so will be an outstanding asset to the DGIT board.

DGIT is a specialist Telco and Cloud focused software and Services Company, originally formed in Melbourne, now operating in Melbourne, Auckland, Denpasar, Singapore and London.  DGIT provide specialist-consulting expertise and have developed a state of the art telecommunications software solution to provide unprecedented business agility for Telco and Cloud providers.

DGIT is the home of Telflow, a new software product for progressive communication companies. Telflow is a configurable catalog driven system, which allows organisations to change service offerings rapidly and avoid long expensive IT Projects. Telflow is the first Australian company to achieve TM Forum Conformance certification and plugs in to suppliers like the Australian NBN Co who use the new generation dynamic API standards.

“Ian’s experience makes him the perfect addition to the DGIT board. Through his career he has worked as a software developer, in project and program management and as an executive in our Industry.” Said Greg Tilton, DGIT Chairman.

“I’ve joined the DGIT team because the new Telflow software achieves the Telco ideal of being able to configure products, product components and processes and then launch immediately without the need to write software code. The recognition as best practice by TMForum the global Telco IT standards organisation provides them with a platform to take this innovation to market. I’m proud to part of this,” said Ian Noble.

About DGIT:

DGIT is specialist Telco and Cloud focused Software and Services Company, originally formed in Melbourne, now operating in a number of locations around the globe. DGIT are the company behind Telflow (www.telflow.com). A latest generation TMForum Conformance Certified OSS solution that provides unprecedented business agility for Telco and Cloud providers.


For further information, interviews or media enquiries please contact:

Charlotte Dean-Graham
Communications Officer, DGIT
+613 9910 4900
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