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Who we are, where we’re going, our favourite ice-cream flavour. This is us in a nutshell.

Who We Are

DGIT is a specialist Telco and Cloud-focused software and services company focusing on agile development and standards-based methodologies.  In English, our software and services make the Telco industry work smarter.

We’re an old company with new ideas, and we’re slowly but surely changing the global Telco landscape for the better. What began 10 years ago in coffee-swilling city of Melbourne has spread around the world, with DGIT locations now popping up in Auckland, Denpasar and Singapore.

Basically we’re good guys of IT, the ones who actually get a kick out of boring stuff like ‘solution architecture’, ‘systems integration and ‘network solution components’. (We’re odd, we know). We offer the full suite of telecommunication development capability, from project inception all the way through to delivery. Oh, and our favourite ice-cream flavour is strawberry.

Welcome to DGIT.

Our Thinking

Other IT companies like to begin with first principles and build slowly from there. Us not so much. We take leading industry standards and frameworks from the world’s top Telco bodies, then apply them to your project. It saves time, money and (most importantly) headaches. Want to learn more? Step right this way.

Our People

Our IT staff are our biggest asset, and we invest in our assets. They know  Telco IT back to front. Our industry leading support, training, skill development and career opportunities tend to attract the best and the brightest. They’re like the A-Team, just better at IT.


Instead of trying to fill specific client roles, we prefer to build up a core team of multi-skilled individuals who can adapt to anything. All our consultants are reference checked and fully vetted by our senior management folks, so only the most talented and motivated make it onto the team. Think you’ve got what it takes? Dust off that resume, whip up a cover letter and get in touch. We don’t bite. Promise.


We’re a collaborative company. That means each and every one of our consultants has the support of the entire DGIT team to seek advice and share ideas. It’s a relaxed, positive environment, but not in a corporate cult way. (No motivational posters, we promise). We reckon IT is too serious an industry not to have a little fun.

Professional Development

Our crew dedicate time, talent and energy into our projects, so we like to return the favour. DGIT staff are trained in-house and externally by some of the best in the business. Industry-approved experts in a variety of IT fields. We also provide ongoing support and development sessions, so you can keep upskilling and expanding your career opportunities down the track.

Our Executives

  • Doug Nixon
    Doug NixonCEO

    Our intrepid leader. Doug has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT&T industry across a variety of management roles. Combining a high level of technical proficiency with a passion for his projects and his staff – he’s the CEO triple threat. Doug joined DGIT in 2008 as the Director of Operations and took over the head job in 2010.

    • Greg Tilton
      Greg TiltonChairman & CTO

      Greg is the founder of DGIT. In addition starting up his own gig, Greg spent 16 years in technical leadership roles for large Telco carriers. He was the head of OSS/BSS the Australian National Broadband Network, Chief Architect of Australia’s first competitive DSL network and Broadband technology lecturer at Melbourne University (in other words, if your downloads are lagging, email your complaints to him).

      • Vonny Tanajaya
        Vonny TanajayaBranch Executive – Indonesia

        Our rock in Denpasar, Vonny is our Indonesian Branch Executive, looking after local compliance and providing support and facilities to DGIT projects in the Asia Pacific region.

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