Feel good stories

Once upon a time, a desperate Telco operator reached out to strong, dashing character by the name of DGIT. This is what happened next…

DSL on demand

The time we implemented a wholesale DSL ordering system for a Tier 1 Telco

The mission:

A well-known Aussie Telco carrier hired us to deliver an enhanced DSL ordering system. We rolled out delivery of the system with an Agile Test Driven Development Methodology (basically a smarter workflow structure that saved a bunch of time).

We started with project analysis, documenting the High Level Design and Detailed Business Requirements Specification. From that we discovered ways to enhance existing functionality, boosting efficiency in the process. DGIT delivered training, performed all the migration of service data into the new system, and quietly pensioned off the old one.

Today, this system is being used for order management and provisioning of xDSL and raw copper all over the country. Nifty, right?

The result:

  1. An Open Service Orientated Architecture providing support for future initiatives.
  2. Reduced order rejection and address related errors. This means improved lead times for things like qualification and provisioning.
  3. Error rates dropped from about 10% to less than 2%.
  4. The new system boasted far fewer order re-keys. It also had improved validation and flow through, saving time and effort.

Reaching the next level

The time we established a Level 4 operating model for a Middle Eastern wholesale broadband network

The mission:

We got a call from a Middle Eastern, government-owned broadband provider who were looking for a consult. They’d heard about our extensive Telco system experiences (specifically NBN know-how) and proven track record of establishing go-to-market processes to Level 4.

Our business consultants swooped in, providing a prioritised catalogue of mission critical business processes; the things that needed to be implemented, and those that required further drill down to support the product launch. We used the eTOM references framework from TMForum as the basis for this exercise, saving the client a bunch of time and money.

The result:

A complete Level 4 process model for the new business, aligned and ready to go…

Modernising like a (B)OSS

The time we transformed OSS/BSS systems for an Australian Tier 2 service provider

The mission:

We were approached by a Tier 2 Aussie service provider to modernise their BSS and OSS architecture. After some serious knuckle cracking and beard stroking, we got to work, collaborating with the client to create a data model that integrated the As-Is and To-Be systems, identified systems to be retained, new systems to be implemented, as well as data-entity relationships between the two.

The result:

A complete systems plan that brought the client’s BSS and OSS architecture into line with the leading industry practices and standards.

A few happy clients

  • Ultrafast Fibre is proud to incorporate DGIT’s Telflow systems which will allow rapid integration between components and existing applications. The software is perfect for us as we continue to grow our fibre network across the central North Island. Residents in our region are amongst the first in New Zealand to access the high speed fibre to the premise service.

    Maxine ElliottChief Executive, Ultrafast Fibre
  • Nextgen Networks certification, using the DGIT B2B gateway, is a significant milestone. It heralds the introduction of third party NBN co compliant IT solutions, proving choice for incumbent service providers and new entrants alike.

    Martin PittardNBN Co Manager of Industry Integration

Out of order

The time we delivered a self-service portal and B2B for a New Zealand Government-supported fibre network company

The mission:

A client came to us with an ordering system in disarray: little information for consumers, inflexible, expensive to maintain. So we got to work. We implemented the Telflow platform with customer facing portal and B2B gateway, integration fabric and order management. The old system wasn’t scrapped altogether. We migrated previous orders and the product/services inventory to Telflow, which can design and implemented new product versions as needed. Voila! An ordering system that actually works.

The result:

The client’s customers can now order services online and track their order status. This means lower call centre demand and a big boom in customer satisfaction (always nice). The client can also now rapidly design and roll-out new products themselves without having to resort to expensive and drawn-out IT involvement.

A big result. And we are just getting started.

From tender to delivery in 5 months

The time we helped a Tier 1 New Zealand Telco use Telflow for their wholesale business

The mission:

Having won a close-fought tender bid, our team rolled up their sleeves, poured a big coffee and got to work. A Tier 1 New Zealand Telco needed an order management system and customer self-service portal that supported all their key products, including New Zealand UFB, VDSL, PSTN telephony and legacy data. The scope was massive, but Telflow is designed to manage complex integration and a wide portfolio of products.

The result:

DGIT delivered on all fronts. The new systems yielded significant savings on the old IT system Opex alone. More structured products and processes with lifecycle management stripped back a lot of the confusion that was clogging the old system. Our efforts lifted efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing errors and work effort. We’ll count that as a win.

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