Empowering the Digital and Communication Markets

DGIT is a specialist supplier of software and services to digital and communications service providers, using cutting-edge technology to create intuitive, flexible and highly customisable solutions for the modern digital marketplace.

Our flagship products, Telflow and Inomial, are used to seamlessly automate and effortlessly manage the full quote-to-cash journey.

DGIT is proud of its long-standing association with TM Forum, the global industry association driving digital transformation in the communications industry. DGIT is a significant contributor to TM Forum’s B2B and API standards, and implements the TM Forum’s open digital architecture in its flagship products Telflow and Inomial.

DGIT works closely with MEF Forum, the industry association driving standards-based communications services across the network services industry. As a significant contributor to the MEF’s inter-provider wholesale B2B APIs, DGIT plays a key role in enabling service providers to automate their fulfilment across multiple provider networks and technology domains.

DGIT is closely aligned with the FTTH Council Asia Pacific, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of optical fibre access by consumers and organisations. DGIT helped set the Fibre as a Service (FaaS) vision for the FTTH Council Asia Pacific by contributing to its FaaS white paper.

DGIT is a qualified AWS reseller.

DGIT is a proud member of the Communications Alliance.


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